DVD Covers

DVD Covers

Above are a few of Hannah Montana DVD front covers. As you can see the main focus of the DVD cover is a big eye-catching images of Hannah Montana herself with a few smaller cast members in the background. This is the first thing the audience will look at and has to eye-catching to catch the viewer’s attention.  The same Hannah Montana title appears on each DVD covers and is a reoccurring and recognisable feature of the DVD cover. All of the covers use a mixture of vibrant colours that are there to catch the viewer’s attention by drawing them in anticipation and wanting to know more. The DVD cover uses no violent images, strong language or scenes that are not suitable for young children, this fits into our target age grope well.


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  1. […] as a front cover for a magazine. I have done various research into each, that can be seen here and here. A lot of big television dramas often put a lot of time and effort into the DVD release, as this […]

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