First Choice Locations

Other Possible Locations

These are our chosen locations that we wish to use for our filming. I particularly like the shots of the two hallways. The hallway is one of the main locations I shall be using during the opening sequence of my production. The two hallways / corridors featured above are effective as they are both long, but not too wide. This is useful as it suits the mise-en-scene well as we can walk down the middle the corridor using a steady cam, whilst kids (actors) are on each side. Both  corridors shown above are modern, up-to-date contemporary buildings, particularly the second choice (shown above). The simplistic, modern-day material used to created the hand rails, stairs and glass shows they are all contemporary buildings, as well as the fact they are all clean and tidy with no clutter in any of the corridors. The class rooms I have decided to use are realistic, ‘typical’ classrooms that you would expect to find in any modern-day school. These are effective as the target audience our production is aimed at will be able to relate to the locations used throughout our production as they will use them on a day-to-day basis themself.


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