Permission Letters

March 12, 2010

Dear Parent/Guardian

 We are writing to you as A Level Media students at Salesian Sixth Form, Chertsey. This term we are creating an opening sequence to a children’s TV show based at a school (Guildford Road). Having plotted the sequence and completed planning we would like to ask your permission for your son/daughter to appear in our film. This may include a background part, in which children will not be asked to do a lot. We are also looking for up to four main characters in the piece that will play a more important role.

 The project also includes a DVD cover on which the main character(s) will appear, and the front cover of a new magazine. The project also includes a web blog on which my friend and I will update what has been done during the project, and on which the video and print work will be posted. To protect children’s privacy, we will not be using their real names in our work.

 We would be very grateful if you would permit your child to be involved, assuming they are happy to participate themselves. Please tick one of the boxes below and sign your name to indicate your consent.

 My son/daughter may play a major role in the opening sequence to the show.

My son/daughter may play a small background role in the sequence

My son/daughter may not be involved in the sequence.

Student Name…………………………………………….

Date…………….                                                                    Signed…………………..

Above is the permission letter we had to create in order to begin the filming process. After creating the letter I printed out a large amount of copies and went round the school (year 7 and 8.) and handed them to each teacher asking if they could give each student a copy. the aim was for them to take them home to their parents / guardian and get the letter filled in. Once we had enough letters returned we could begin filming.