Organisation of Actors, Locations, Costumes and Props


After producing a large amount of permission letters to print out and hand out to various year 7 & 8 classes in the lower school we had to wait for our reply before we could choose out actors and commence filming. I decided to hand out the letters just before the half term break so that they would be handed back in and ready to film after half term. We had a large reply of permission letters with a wide variety of children wanted to star in out piece. We decided to choose six (6) actors for our opening sequence. These were two (2) main characters, one boy and one girl, to star in the opening sequence, our DVD cover, and Magazine cover. We then chose four (4) other actors to star in our opening sequencer and the background of our DVD cover. We also choose one class to be shown in our opening sequence for the first section where we shot a pan from left to right of a classroom.


After looking at all of our possible locations that i had previous studied and taken still images of (shown previous), we weighed up the Pros and Cons of each and decided to use the classroom and hallway shown below. This was mainly because the hallway is very modern and contemporary, as its clean, tidy, and uses a wide range of modern materials and colours such as glass ect.. (shown in the image below). This is effective because we would like out opening sequence to be as modern as possible and display contemporary issues in each episode relevent to school children and our target audience.


We have decided to use the school uniforms that our actors will already be wearing. This saves us valuable time and money as we do not have to buy costumes for all of our actors, and get them ready. Before we started filming we checked that all the uniforms were modern and up to date, as well as clean and tidy so that the actors looked professional and presentable. We asked the teacher actors to wear casual clothes that they would normally teach in, and to make sure they looked smart, clean and tidy for our shoot. Finally we asked the head teacher (Mr Kibble) to wear a smart suit for the section of filming that contained him. these costumes make the opening sequence look real, modern and professional, as if it was a real school drama, filmed in a school using real school children and teachers.


We did not need to use a great deal of our own props as our choice of Locations and Costumes already provided us with many of the props we needed such as tables, chairs, pens, paper, bags and all our your typical school stuff. However we did need to make sure that we had all of these props available before filming so that we did not waste time gathering items whilst shooting.


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