Hannah Montana Series 1 & 2, Textual Analysis

December 25, 2009

Series One

Series Two

As you can see from watching these two video clips of Hannah Montana season 1 & 2, they are both very similar.


The camera shots used throughout these clips are those you’d expect to be used in a kids tv show, opening sequence. They consist mainly of close-ups, mid shots, long shots and the occasional ECU. The ECU is effective as it helps the audience to get a closer look at each characters facial expressions. When introducing each individual character a split screen is used, showing a close up of the character on one side, and a long shot on the other. This can be particularly useful to a younger audience as the close up provides facial expressions, make up and hair styles, while the long shot shows off the visual appearing of each character, particularly what they are wearing. Fashion is a major issue in today’s world, particularly within the target audience these clips are aimed at. Hidden messages can be used to entice younger audiences (in particular teenage girls) to go out and buy what they see their favorite character wearing so they can ‘be like them’.


the use of shot/reverse shot throughout the sequence gives a quick pace feeling to the opening credits creating a ‘must see’ feel to the audience watching and the feeling that we shouldnt miss out on the episode. The clips are fast paced throughout, this is achieved the quick and sharp cuts, with no fades used.


The non-diagetic song used throughout is a major strong point for both clips and is particularly effective to its target audience. This is because it’s an up-beat, fasted paced and catchy song that interlinks well with the fast paced cuts and camera shots. The fact thats its song written and produced by Hannah Montana herself works well as all young children will recognise this and could play a major part in selling her DVD and magazines (which is another part o the assignment)


The settings used are typical of a teen drama; a high school / main characters house is used for the main settings. These are very similar setting to what I plan to use, such as a high school, class rooms and school corridors.  The appearance of each character is also effective as the type of audience watching would look up to the staring characters and inspire to be like them. They must wear appropriate clothing and make up, that the target audience could go out and purchase.


Music Research

December 25, 2009

Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Series 3

December 25, 2009

Above is a YouTube video of the Hannah Montana Series 3 Opening Credits. There are currently four different opening sequences for the four seasons of the TV series Hannah Montana, I personally think Series 3 is the most effective and will be looking at this sequences in particular. I will be looking at the other 3 opening sequences in less detail in future posts. For this piece of research I am going to analyses the link and pick out good and bad points, including features I would like to use in my own opening sequence. I have chosen this opening clip as its very similar to how I have planned my opening sequence to be  implemented.

0.07: I particularly like this way of introducing each character as I feel it helps the audience to get a good idea of what their character is like and whether they can relate to them. I also like the way when introducing each individual character their name appears underneath their picture so the audience can recognise their name. The way this shot includes both a close up and a long shot of the character is effective, as it can give the audience an insight to both sides of their appearance (facial and dress code).

0.12: After each character has been introduced it shows a small clip of their character in action from previous episodes so the audience can further their knowledge on what each character is like and what characteristics each one may hold. I feel this is effective as a younger audience in particular can start to identify themselves with each character to help choose their favorites and which ones they can relate to.

0.29: They have also included any special guests that will be making an appearance in this particular episode in the opening credits. This works well as the audience can get to know any new ‘one off’ characters that will appear in the episode.

0.31 – 0.51: After introducing all of the individual characters it shows some ‘best bits’ from previous or future episodes that help to engage the audience and make them want to watch more. These may include scenes that the audience may find funny or entertaining to entice them to watch the episode.

0.45: The opening sequence is complete with a quick snippet of who created the episode. I would like to include this is my own opening sequence so we can take credit for what we created.

Other Key Features: The text used when introducing each characters name is effective as its bold, clear and easy to read, whilst not too overpowering. This is effective as you do not want to draw the viewer’s attention away, whilst you do want them to know the character name.

A simple quick paced cut is used to flow from scene to scene when introducing the characters. This works well as the quickness of the cut helps to keep the fast paced tempo of the opening credits, whilst flowing with the upbeat sound track.

Another key feature that makes this clip so effective is the sound track that accompanies it. As this is a major part of the project I will be looking at this in more detail in my next post.

Magazine Covers

December 11, 2009


Above is a selection of the Hannah Montana official magazine covers. As you can see they are all very similar to the DVD covers I previously looked at.  They all feature a prominent image of Hannah Montana herself with a cheeky pose that will appeal to a young age group. The same Hannah Montana logo appears at the top left of each cover.

The use of colours is also another main feature as they use a mix of pinks and blues that will appeal to a young audience, (mainly young girls aged 6-12). Each cover shows what the magazine features inside.

DVD Covers

December 11, 2009

DVD Covers

Above are a few of Hannah Montana DVD front covers. As you can see the main focus of the DVD cover is a big eye-catching images of Hannah Montana herself with a few smaller cast members in the background. This is the first thing the audience will look at and has to eye-catching to catch the viewer’s attention.  The same Hannah Montana title appears on each DVD covers and is a reoccurring and recognisable feature of the DVD cover. All of the covers use a mixture of vibrant colours that are there to catch the viewer’s attention by drawing them in anticipation and wanting to know more. The DVD cover uses no violent images, strong language or scenes that are not suitable for young children, this fits into our target age grope well.

Teen High Planning

December 3, 2009

Name: Teen High
Age Group: 8 – 12 years

Our whole piece will be around the 3 minute mark and is broken down into two main pieces, the title sequence that will be about 55 seconds long and the opening sequence of the first episode that will be around 2 minutes long.
After a lot of research into similar title sequences we have decided to make the title sequence around 50 seconds as this is the minimum time it will take to introduce the main characters.

Title Sequence
Section one – starts of with an establishing shot of a boring classroom. The camera pans round the room from left to right. The camera then freezes on one kid playing with a scrunched up ball of paper (audience assumes this is his work). As soon as the camera freezes his name appears below him to introduce his character, an arrow then appears pointing at the young boy with a cheesy slogan. For example ‘Class Clown’.

Section two – the camera then quickly unfreezes and continues on its pan around the room from left to right. The pan goes a full 180◦ until it gets to the teacher situated at the front of the class. She is positioned in the middle of the shot with her back to the class whilst she is writing on the white board. This shot then freezes and her name appears below her to introduce her character. An arrow then appears with another slogan suited to her such as ‘The Teacher’.

Section three – The bells then rings and the camera unfreezes. It then cuts to the school corridor full of kids. It then focuses on one particular boy who has dropped all of his school books on the floor. It then freezes and his name appears with the slogan ‘Teachers Pet’

Section four – it then quickly unfreezes and a downward tilt is used to focus on a young girl on the floor picking up his books. She then looks up and the camera freezes and her name appears to introduce her character.

Section five – the camera continues to walk through the corridor full of kids (using a steady cam) until you reach a young boy and girl chatting up against the wall. The camera shot freezes and their names appear below them as an introduction to their characters then their nick names appear above them, “his in love” and “she’s not interested” with arrows pointing to the appropriate character.

The shot then continues to walk through the corridor using a steady cam, a fast forward effect is used here to speed up the walking process and add an effect to the sequence. The shot goes all the way to the end of the long corridor until it reaches a pair of double doors where a fade effect is used to fade out the shot and music in cohesion. The episode then begins.

Project Research

December 3, 2009

 I have decided to base my programme on Teen high school dramas similar to Hannah Montana, Lizzie Maguire, MI High and Wizards of Waverly Place. My piece will be aimed at children aged between
8-12 as this will be the age of the characters and children will be able to relate to the program as they will currently be at high school.

Firstly I want to research into the many different types and styles of children’s TV channels. Different TV channels are aimed at different age groups for kids so I want to find the best style of channel that will suit my drama
Kids TV Channels:
Animal Planet – US site but with plenty of UK favourites
Boomerang – from the Cartoon Network people
Cartoon Network UK – cartoons for everyone
• CBBC – find out about the kids tv shows and join the club
 CBeebies – just for the little ones, has all their favourites
Channel 5 Milkshake – choose either little kids or bigger kids
 CITV – what’s on, pin boards, cool stuff and Tellytots
Discovery Kids – US site, but still plenty of info and stuff to do
Disney Channel UK – impressive site with lots to do
GMTV Kids – for those early risers
National Geographic Kids – animals & nature fun facts and games
Nickelodeon – UK version with all the latest shows and news
Nick Jr UK– the latest shows, fun games and activities
Playhouse Disney UK – for toddlers, games, shows & fun
Toonami – too big for Disney too young for trouble
Toon Disney UK – devoted to Disney Cartoons!
Trouble TV – television for the older kids

After looking at all of the different channels and the types of kids TV programmes they show I have decided that Disney UK is the best channel to show my program. I have come to this conclusion because Disney is the most popular kids TV channel in the UK with over 1billion kids tuning in each year to watch their favourite shows. Disney also shows a lot of kids TV dramas that are the same style as the one I am planning on producing, such as Hannah Montana, Suit life of Zach and Cody, That’s so Raven and As the Bell Rings.

Below is a list of various TV programmes that are shown daily on Disney, I have highlighted the one in bold font that are of similar style to the type of drama I wish to produce ( Kids Teen High School). I have also included media links to the highlighted options, that will show you a video of each programmes opening sequence.

•  As The Bell Rings (2007 – present)

• Express Yourself (2001–present)
Hannah Montana – (2006 – present)
• Imagination Movers (2008–present)
• JONAS (2009-present)
• Leo Little’s Big Show (2009-present)
• Little Einsteins (2005–present)
• Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006–present)
• Disney’s Movie Surfers (1998–present)
• My Friends Tigger and Pooh (2007–present)
• Phineas and Ferb (2007–present)
• Shanna’s Show (2003–present)
• Shaun the Sheep (2007–present)
Sonny With a Chance (2007 – present)

• The Suite Life on Deck (2008–present)
Wizards Of Waverly Place (2008 – present)

After deciding on the style of drama I am planing to produce and looking at the TV channels that will air my show, I will now look into detail at shows similar to mine. One opening sequence that particularly stands out to me is the opening credits to Hannah Montana Series 3.

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is an Emmy Award-nominated American television series, which debuted on March 24, 2006 on Disney Channel. The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.

Opening sequence
The theme song for Hannah Montana is “The Best of Both Worlds” written by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, produced by Gerrard and performed by Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana). The song’s lyrics describe the basic premise of the television series.
The full-length version of the song, which is 2 minutes, 54 seconds in length, was included on the show’s soundtrack, released in October 2006. For the TV version of the theme, which lasts only 50 seconds, only the first two stanzas and the last two were used. “Just Like You” and “The Other Side of Me” were originally tested for the opening theme song, before “Best of Both Worlds” was chosen as the theme.

The opening sequence for the first two seasons features episode clips of each cast member when their name appears. Each cast member’s name is “wiped” on the screen in a marquee-light-style. The sequence then switches to full-screen episode clips (most of the clips used in the Season One version of the sequence were of the early produced episodes) with the creator’s names appearing in the second-to-last clip. The show’s title logo design appears at the beginning and end of the sequence (the latter portion on the “concert stage” features Cyrus as her character Hannah Montana). The only change to the sequence for season two were the replacement of episode clips and the addition of the Disney logo above the show’s title logo.

For season three, a new version of the opening credits was used. It features Miley as herself and Hannah Montana in a Times Square-like setting. The names of the actors and actresses and clips from the show appear in a sort-of marquee board and it features Hannah Montana with her new wig and clothes style. The song playing is a remixed version of “The Best of Both Worlds”, that was originally recorded for (and heard in) Hannah Montana: The Movie. This marked the first time that a Disney Channel series has completely revamped its opening title sequence.

• 2006: Hannah Montana
o Hannah Montana: Holiday Edition
o Hannah Montana: Special Edition

• 2007: Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus
o Hannah Montana 2: Rock star Edition
o Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party
• 2008: Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert
o Hannah Montana: Hits Remixed

• 2009: Hannah Montana: The Movie
• 2009: Hannah Montana 3

Conclusion: The opening sequence of Hannah Montana is very similar to how I had originally planned to make mine in terms of introducing the characters with their names flashing above them. The idea of a cheesy teen music song such as a Hannah Montana song was also in my planning, and I will be looking further into different styles of songs produced by Hannah Montana or other similar artists.